Donald Trump: The primary lie that stops the campaign

He said he suspended his campaign, but it was… “Did you really believe I suspended my campaign? April!”, he wrote in capital letters in a message to his Republican followers, to indirectly advertise his candidacy for the US presidency. Feeling caused Donald Trump by sending, on the day of April, the following message to his supporters: “I am suspending my campaign”. However, this message proved to be a primal lie and was in fact intended to push his followers to offer money to support his candidacy. The Republican former president, who in November will face the presidential election again with Joe Biden, sent this brief message to his constituents, with e-mail and SMS. It was accompanied by a superlink leading to a website where interested people could donate $5, 500 or $3,300 to Trump’s campaign. “Did you really think I suspended my campaign? April!” Trump wrote in capital letters. For several years, American voters have been overwhelmed by SMS, letters and e-mail messages – sometimes up to ten a day – calling on them to support candidates financially. Thus, the staff of candidates are forced to find increasingly “creative” ways to stand out. In a country where an election victory requires billions of dollars, donations are valuable. Trump often invokes his court adventures to move his voters. “Biden’s Justice Minister tries to jail me for life,” he wrote, without proof, on certain messages. At present, however, the former president’s campaign fund has less money than Biden’s. The Republicans’ staff did not even hesitate to adopt Trump’s tactics, which he tends to “detail” with harsh surnames his opponents, and now calls him “Don the penniless”.

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