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Do you remember this woman? Lost 362 pounds – See how she is today, and you won’t believe your eyes! [photo]

H Mayra Rosales became known when he was accused that he killed a kid when he sat on it, which it turns out didn’t happen and was just covering up the fact. The oversized woman from Texas was faced with a terrifying problem with the pounds and the body.After the breakup… what?What comes after the breakup?The moment of truth! The moment of our personal truth that we all once experienced (and I wish I don’t ξαναβιώσουμε!). And it’s the moment of truth for each of us, because “whoever is out of the loop…!”…Read more “”You came late on the road of my life…” How you react to the signs of the zodiac in the late-in-life LOVE?What can happen when the LOVE arrives late?Many scenarios can be written your first novel, when he decides to come late in our lives. May be the unrequited LOVE of adolescence or the first young years, when everything was easy to fulfil and is displayed when already we are in a marriage relationship…Read more “knock, KNOCK… Who’s there? THE LOVE! Learn how to deal with him when I hit the door…The theme of love is a big deal. Where you feel that you found your other half, all of a sudden a wrong love your decision, in stressful and disappointing. What happens when your first novel is knocking on the door of the zodiac it? You fall in LOVE with the zodiac?…Read more “

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