Do as you sleep – next episodes: Achilles’ death shocks Icarus

Do not miss the stormy developments of the psychological mystery series “, ” to be broadcast by ERT1, Monday, April 1, and Tuesday, April 2, at 21:45. Icarus argues that Achilles’ accident was a homicide and directly questions the forensic findings of alcohol consumption. Meanwhile, Amanda’s video in the locker room leaks into the students’ cell phones and Icarus asks his daughter not to pay any attention. But who will be the next hacker victim? Monday, April 1, 2024 Episode 55 : Damascus’s lawyer is questioned about the homicide in the field of illegal student struggles and begins blackmailing him out of fear of his final involvement in the illegal action of the businessman. Police investigation is beginning to circle Flores more and more, but no one yet has the necessary evidence against him. Daphne reveals to Icarus the truth about what Damascus admitted, about the trap she set upon her congressman with the pornographic material and is afraid of targeting her. In her attempt to find allies, she addresses Nicolas. The Damascus can’t hide his sympathy for Nacia. Who will Isaris meet in his crime scene investigation and who are offering to help the police? Floris insists on Amanda that what he did was to protect George. Lakis refuses to testify as an expert against Damascus’s proposal. Icarus is talking to Nicola about Achilles who wants to get rid of Damascus, but will face the harsh truth. Tuesday, April 2, 2024 Episode 56 : Achilles’ accident will shock Icarus, who holds Damascus responsible. Amanda’s video in the locker room is leaked by an unknown sender to the phones of Alexandrinos’ students. Nicholas tries to support Icarus in his suspicions that Achilles’ accident was a homicide. Police leave the possibility open, but they’re pushing Icarus for details of their talks. Icarus questions the forensic findings on alcohol, revealing that Achilles has not been drinking in years. Flores insists that Amanda should go to the police for the video released. Margaret suggests to Nicola that the video with Amanda was not aimed at her, but at her father. Floris is trying to determine whether Bettina is a police secret. Makis is trying to comfort his professor for the loss of his partner. Icarus learns about the video with his daughter and asks her not to pay any attention, causing the girl to trust him even more. But who will be the next hacker victim and with what photographic material is College again in danger? They play: Spyros Papadopoulos (Nikolas Kaliris), Jenny Theonas (Persa), Vasilis Eftaxopoulos (Stelios Kasdaglis), Michalis Economou (Icaros), Ioanna Asimakopoulou (Daphni), Nicolas Kotsailidou (Anna Grammiko), Fotini Baxevani (Betina Voridis), Dimitris Kapetanakos (Konstantinos Issaris), Alexandros Kalpakidis (Lemnios), Georgia Mesaritis (Nasia Kaliris), Diamantoudis (Christos Gidakis), Vikiou (Zoridas), George Depastas (Lakis Voridis), St. Scenario: Giannis Skaragas Directed by: Alekos Kyranis, Marios Valasis Photo address: Elton Bifsa, George Apostolidis Scene: Anastasia Harmousis Costumes: Elina Mantzakos Original music: Giannis Christodoulopoulos Montaz: Nikos Stefanou Production Organization: Ilias Voyajoglou, Alexander Drakatos Executive producer: Anna Lebesis Producer: Nikos Kallis Production performance: SILVERLINE MEDIA PRODUCTIONS S.A. Production: ERT.