Dislocated coil burglar in Halkidiki

    Finally, in the action of coil burglar, who engaged in at least 18 cases of theft in homes and… stores in the last two months, in the areas of Thesprotia, gave the police, after the arrest of three Albanians, the age, 21 26, 28. The 26-year-old αναζητείτο as a fugitive, after he had violated permission granted to him by booking store in the country.
    The arrest of three ethnic Albanians yesterday in the morning in Krystallopigi, Thesprotia and weight of the formed case to the case-by-case offences of the distinct cases of theft, escape of a prisoner, possession of drugs, illegal weapons and illegal entry into the country.
    The cops spotted yesterday in the morning in the village of Κρυσταλλοπηγής the three perpetrators and arrested them. As it was found the offenders to pick up, mainly, of the houses, whose owners were absent abroad permanently or in other cities. Then broke windows and doors with a sharp object, were investigating the premises and removed several items, jewelry and sums of money.
    In particular, the suspected perpetrators had carried out 16 thefts and burglaries in homes in the villages Κορίτιανη, Krystallopigi, Kokkinia, Kallithea, Plain of Paramythia and the Elea, as well as two thefts in cafes in Κορίτιανη and in Palaiochori Thesprotia. In the context of investigations, found in the possession of the arrested and in the crypt which was used in a rural area in Κορίτιανη, a pistol of brand “ecol tuna”, with magazine without cartridges, swag, διαρρηκτικά tools and a package with a small quantity of hashish. Also, it emerged that two of the Albanians had entered the country illegally, while the 26-year-old αναζητείτο by the Authorities as a fugitive, as it had breached the licence had been granted by the detention facility of Kassandra, Chalkidiki.