DISCLOSURE for Putin – Why not move his right hand when he walks? Scientists have studied and they say… [video]

The subject of scientific study seems to have become the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, since experts from various disciplines studying every aspect of the Russian leader,…
According to the information the scientific community has decided this time to deal with the gait of a B. Putin as well as governed by a “specificity”.
In particular, the Russian president during the steps of moving the left hand as is customary, but always keeps fixed the right and close to the hip.

As expected, the particular habit has caught the eyes of scientists, “British Medical Journal” to investigate what may be the most likely cause, with cases so far to be many.
Stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and trauma are but a few of the cases of scientists, but of the whole only one is singled out and is none other than the “walking gun”.
On the basis of specific “walking the gun”, is a specific type of gait used by agents around the world and provides the fixed position of the dominant hand near the gun, in order to alert the user to use it in case of emergency.
Experts have concluded that the Russian president continues to make use of the technique of education and the years he had spent as an agent of the Russian KGB, after he fell in their hands a manual of the KGB, according to which “the agents of the service, when they walk, should not shake their right hand, but to keep close to it in the case standing ready to pull a gun”, while at the same time ruled out through research all the other possibilities.

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