Dimitris Kokotas: We are waiting for the miracle to take place, said his wife – remains in repression

Intubated and critically still hospitalized, as just a few 24 hours ago he suffered and was taken to hospital. His wife, Katerina Kokota, spoke on ANT1’s TV saying: “His heart works, that’s what’s important, that’s what I’ve kept. From then on, tests are performed that are necessary. His condition is stable. I saw him, he’s in sedation, I only talk to him.” He then stressed that: “I am in a very difficult position, really do not experience this. These 24 hours seem centuries to me. He had never complained to me about anything, not drinking, not smoking, watching his diet. ” Katerina Kokota also added: “Thank the world very much for love and support. I want this to end today. We expect the miracle to be done.”