Dimitris Kokotas: “He went and came,” says his wife – Moved to pathological METH, remains intubated

In pathological METH has been transferred the favorite singer, who remains intubated for the fourth day after he suffered during the J2US rehearsals. The condition of Dimitris Kokotas’ health after the heart attack remains critical but stable, with his wife pointing out that in the pathological ICU, where he is now, there are specialized doctors who follow in every detail what is needed. “He went and came… doctors are restrained,” said the wife of the well-known singer, Demeter Kokota, speaking to Alpha and the show “Super Katerina” on Monday morning (01.04.24). “I would like to hear that this was all a lie,” she said because of the primacy. “It takes extraordinary patience and faith. Doctors tell us to be patient. Every day I enter the ER and see him for a while,” he filled in. According to his wife, Dimitris Kokotas is still in sedation, doctors have not made an attempt to intubate him, they take very careful steps, they will have to spend two more days.” “I expect the moment she comes out, to leave together,” she stressed deeply moved and said her daughter knows all about her father’s health condition. “I have told her that this is something that can happen to anyone,” she said.

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