Dimitris Kokotas: Critical but stable state of health – Intubated for 4th 24 hours

In critical but stable condition the favorite singer is still hospitalized at the hospital “Genometas”, after he suffered the night of last Thursday (28.03). 24) during rehearsals for J2US. Intubated for the fourth 24 hours in the Intensive Care Unit, Dimitris Kokkotas fights the greatest battle of his life after the heart attack, with his own people experiencing moments of intense agony. As Alpha broadcast and the show “Best not done” with Natalia German at noon on Sunday (31.03.24), doctors have not awakened the singer, who is in crackdown, in order to find out how his organization reacts. Speaking of the moment when Dimitris Kokotas felt very sick while the rehearsals for J2US were underway, Dimitris Schizas who was also participating in the brilliant show and was invited today to the show of Natalia Germano, described that the favorite singer was conscious and could explain exactly what symptoms he had in the EKAB when they called for an ambulance. “We were in the change in rehearsals, where we came down and Dimitris Kokotas and Trajana Ananias came up to sing. We walked in and saw Trajana who had him on her feet. The happy thing about this unpleasant event was that he hadn’t lost consciousness 100% and he could explain to us what he feels, because we had an open line with EKAB. They were asking us about the severity of the situation. Fortunately they came directly and put oxygen on him and were very direct,” said Stathis Schizas.

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