Dimitris Hungarian for the death of his mother: You know there’s no going back.

“You go so far as to say let him stop hurting and be no longer near me,” confesses the man about how he experienced his mother’s loss. It was her interview and what she said about hers’ death. “Therefore, in the first period you are somewhat calm to stop seeing your man suffer,” says Dimitris Hungarianos, commenting on Anna Maria Papacharalambos’ interview about the loss of her mother. “It was thus the process of disease that you reach a point where you say to calm down the man. So, somehow, very guiltyly, you might want to speed things up, since you know there’s no going back to it. So in the first period you’re a little calm to stop seeing your man suffer. After this process has passed and that time you have calmed down, which you say let it stop hurting and be no longer near me,” Dimitris Hungarian said initially. Dimitris Hungarianos then said: “After a certain time, you start to realize that you are alone and that what you are going to do, you have to do it. You no longer have anyone, the easy solution. Of course you say “why?” and you get a complaint.”