Dimitra Papandreou: “Andreas would never give….”

A fierce attack on George Papandreou….
unleashes the Demeter Λιάνη-Papandreou on the occasion of the book that was released a few days ago. “When Andrew proclaimed that the PASOK is not inherited sent me a message that she didn’t want him with George Papandreou, the leader of the party. He said that it would be a disaster to have a third-generation prime minister Papandreou,” says the newspaper “First Topic”.
The wife of the founder of PASOK, the score, and with Nikos Papandreou, saying that “he murdered spiritually Andreas, deconstructing the book” while focusing on the arrows and the former prime minister Costas Simitis: “it wasn’t authentic PASOK and the government was identified with scandals. Dragged us as a country and they humiliated us as a people and as a nation”.
For Alexis Tsipras, the mr Λιάνη says “I don’t have something by Andreas Papandreou, mimics the outside, and not in essence, Andreas. Andrew had taught the national strategy. He was adamant in national issues, and would not have ministers who do not recognize the Genocide of Pontian greeks,” he said, putting the frame and Niko’s Friend.
In terms of the slogan “Τσοβόλα give it all” and the “money is there” said the 2009 George Papandreou, Dimitra Λιάνη clarifies: “The first was a motto formulated by the people demanding the fair distribution of national wealth, it was said in 1989 when he withdrew Andrew from the government. The second is a misleading reliance on a candidate prime minister knowingly about the state of the economy with a view to intercept the people’s vote”.