Dilek Imamoglu: Beautiful and dynamic the “first lady” of Constantinople – With jeans, tattoos and social media

It is known that “behind every successful man, a dynamic woman hides.” In the case of the mayor this woman is Dilek Imamoglu’s wife and mother of his three children. Erem Imamoglu’s wife, who emerged for the second consecutive time mayor on Monday (01.04.2024) does not wear a handkerchief, prefers jeans, dyes her hair blonde and often reveals her tattoo that is a scorpion on her left arm. Dynamic, lalistate, with activist action and a strong presence in social media, the 50-year-old Dilek Kaya Imamoglu is the personification of modern Turkey that wants to follow the West. At the same time, she doesn’t miss a minute of her husband’s side. She believes him, supports him and inspires him. Dilek Imamoglu was born on November 18, 1974 in Trabzonda. He graduated from the Tourism Department at the University of Istanbul and made a master’s degree in public administration. In 1995 he married Erem Imamoglu and had three children, Mehmet Selim (1997), Semikh (2005) and Beren (2011). Dilek is a woman who puts special emphasis on “image” and is a beautiful diaper and groomed. She has dyed her hair blonde, has tattoos, does not wear a handkerchief and is a social media fan. See this post on Instagram. At the same time, however, she is particularly active in social issues and participates in various activities to raise awareness of disabled people, women’s rights and children’s education. Photo source: Reuters Feature of her action turning Istanbul with a wheelchair for a day accompanied by Semra Çetinkaya, vice president of Turkey’s Association of Paralytic Southern Marrows because as she had said she wanted to “feel the difficulties faced by disabled people and become sensitive”. See this post on Instagram. In 2014 Dilek Imamoglu received the Şükrü Sürmen award from the Turkish club as a result of its “activity to raise awareness of disabled people”. See this post on Instagram. In October 2019, three months after her husband first took office, Dilek Imamoglu appeared on the cover of Turkey’s magazine “Madame Figaro” titled “First Lady of Istanbul”. Dilek Imamoglu talks unusually much about Turkish data and is considered more than “a calm force” behind the mayor of Constantinople. See this post on Instagram. Dilek is only concerned about his health. Besides, his victory was certain. “I see the love of the Constantines for Ecrrem. I know he will win the local elections,” he said on the eve of the election.