‘Digital transactions’ means: Extension until 19 March for submission of applications to the programme

It is extended until 19 March to submit to the Digital Transactions programme through which part of the cost of purchasing and interconnection POS is covered as well as a number of additional digital needs of one . Already applications submitted in the 4th round of financing have exceeded 132.000 . Each undertaking, if it meets the eligibility criteria, can receive a grant for more than one category. The categories are: Category 1: Supply of new or replacement of existing EFT/POS. Category 3: Downloading e-invoicing provider & billing software services. Category 4: Upgrade FTM & WE ARE for EFT/POS interface. Category 5: Replacement of VRS, except focus operations. Category 6: Replacement of FHM (FIT or WEB or FHB) of catering operations. Classification based on the above criteria shall be made separately for each category, taking into account the following restrictions: (a) Only one application may be supported in each category. (b) For applications submitted in the current cycle, it is not possible to combine aid in categories (3) and (4) together, (3) and (5) together, (3) and (6) together, (5) and (6) together. It is recalled that, in order for the company to receive aid for all-in-one cash systems, including EFT/POS (softPOS) software and electronic billing provider service, two separate applications, one in Category 1 and one in Category 3 respectively should be submitted. Where an undertaking has been incorporated into previous financing cycles (for example in the 3rd cycle, in Category 4) and cannot apply to a new category (for example in Category 3) because of the above restrictions applicable to the current cycle, it shall: Submit to the Help Desk of the Programme, through the , Responsible Statement (considered or via gov.gr) signed by the legal representative, stating that they wish to resign from Category X (where X refers to the category that is incorporated) of the Digital Transactions Programme, no later than Thursday 14 March 2024 , otherwise there will be no reasonable time to examine the request and submit a new application by potential beneficiaries. The condition of the waiver is that the check has not been redeemed or if a check has been issued, but has not been redeemed, cancelled to the beneficiary himself before the submission of the Statement responsible. Finally, it is clarified that if you have already been approved in a category (for example in Category 1) in a previous cycle, it is not necessary to apply for a waiver for this category and re-apply to the current cycle , as the cheques issued may be used for making purchases in approved products and services for all categories of the Programme until 30.06.2024 , without diversifications per cycle.