Died and then it was revealed that he was a serial killer

    A man who died in 2014, was in all probability a serial killer and had killed at least five prostitutes and a teenager, announced today the German police…
    Manfred P. he passed away in August 2014 at the age of 67 years. Next month, in a garage that he rented a man in the suburb of Σβάλμπαχ am Τάουνους of Frankfurt, were found the remains of a woman hidden inside a plastic bin.
    The police authorities of the state of Hesse, having the suspicion that this was not the only victim of the Manfred S., formed a research committee, which concluded that the 67 year old was involved in the murders of other prostitutes in Frankfurt. Two of the women were murdered in 1971, another twenty years later, the 1991 and the last in 1993.
    Manfred P., he was a landscaper and had acquired a daughter, it is also believed that, in 1998, killed a 13-year-old boy, Tristan Μπρίμπαχ. The case had caused a stir in Germany at the time.
    The officers found that there were some similarities in the wounds that they brought the victims. The dismembered body of the boy, the neck of which had been cut with a knife, had been found in a tunnel, on the outskirts of Frankfurt.