Depreciation: The average debt to the IRS was reduced in 2023 after a decade of rising

Mild fall was noted in the average of those who owed to the IRS in 2023 after a decade of upward trend, based on what the . Although the total number of debtors followed a downward course the total amount of outstanding debts took the upcoming years, according to the data of ADE. More specifically, the number of debtors with outstanding debts in 2011 from 1.68 million was ‘expanded’ in 2014 to 4.53 million with a total amount of EUR 44.3 billion and EUR 74.2 billion respectively. Since then, in the 2014-2024, with December data each year, the number of debtors generally follows a moderate downward trend, when the amount of debt increases with the exception of 2023 where there is a drop from EUR 113.7 billion to EUR 106.3 billion. Accordingly, in the course of the previous decade, with the exception of 2023, the average debt of every citizen he owes was increased. Detailed: 2011: EUR 26,369 2012: EUR 25,627 2013: EUR 22,580 2014: EUR 18,097 2015: EUR 18,874 2016: EUR 21,554 2017: EUR 23,705 2018: EUR 24,785 2019: EUR 24,858 2020: EUR 26,691 2021: EUR 27,850 2022: EUR 28,496 2023: EUR 27,467