Democrats: Andreas Loverdos announced the first 14 MEPs

The president of the Democratic Party announced the first 14 candidates for the coming days Andreas Loverdos will announce all 42 persons on the ballot for the European elections, which come from different regions of the country. According to Mr Loverdos, they are citizens who “come from society, with intense politicalness and who come to politics to serve it with common sense and moderation.” The 14 candidates led by Andreas Loverdos himself are: 1. Andreas Loverdos 2. Theodoros Papatheodorou, professor of the University of Peloponnese 3. Vassilis Simos, political representative of the DEMOCRATES 4. Maria Milini, director of Communication A.Loverdos 5. Irini Vlasakakis 6. Ioannis Vournas 7. Christos Gilitsis 8. Nikos Kanellakis 9. Lena (Eleni) Karali 10. Ioanna Costas 11. Antonios Nestoras 12. Theodora- Virgilia (Rania) Dallis 13. Vasiliki Zepapadaki Papadimitriou 14. Ioanna Spanomarkou