A.L. Garford & Hiram Johnson (LOC) Politics
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    (Title) For seven days the majority of detainees in prisons Trikala, namely 69 of the 70 individuals of a wing, away from the mess that the mechanism for distributing the rotten prison. The request is to remove the only social worker Nick Brazidikos to steady the position for 30 years following demigod fascist tactic, since it is the one who actually decides to leave through the Council of Prison and rejected indiscriminately.

    Note that the Prison staff often postponed for obvious reasons, do not establish personal relationships with prisoners, prevention of corruption, etc., the director of the prison of Trikala, was appointed two months ago and classical efthynofovos slave system follows closely the social worker’s recommendations on whether the conditions of licenses are granted upon between the Board on compliance with specific conditions. The Brazidikos resolves and binds Prison Trikala, clicking on what really backs efarmozontas what kind of orders, we investigated, following standard practice apomonosis, institutionalization rights violations and eventually killing, abstaining from light years to meet even the minimum in the supposed social office.

    Who is the social worker acting maliciously that it will take away the five-day permit or discharge under conditions of dismissal prisoners on a permanent basis if they meet the conditions, which they deemed as dangerous when the only dangerous thing in this world are the police and the prison. In prison for heroin, violence, learning all kinds poinikopoiimenon techniques, it is important to remember five and 10 years after his incarceration the smell of your own people and that they exist or work which the majority of inmates and lacks much the failure of the institution has failed.

    himself Brazidikos the second day of abstinence has 10 million to 30 prisoners, money from government grants received by it for that purpose and said ” not mince from threats and are immovable ».


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