Daphne: Lamentation for the 17-year-old who fell into the vacuum of a roof apartment building

Scenes of ancient drama take place in the after tragic death of a 17-year-old who fell from the living apartment building. The 17-year-old student on Monday afternoon (11/03/2024) , where the roof is located and lost so unfairly of her life. At this point, 17-year-old schoolmates have rushed and are crying over the loss of their friend and the climate is so electrified that two social workers will go to Daphne to provide psychological support for the underage children. According to the first information it is suicide due to love disappointment, while the young girl’s mother is in shock resulting in her unconsciousness and transfer to the Aeginite Hospital. According to a neighbor and friend of the family, the 17-year-old who went to school Monday upset, threw away the bag and told her brother she was going to the warehouse for ten minutes. Then he went up to the roof and fell into the void.