Danai Barka: I don’t think that people in space think of me as a television person

‘ I feel a man who came from somewhere, who does what was asked with great joy and pride” confesses . Barka interviewed L!fo’s podcast and talked about the television course and recent publications related to her personal life. “Bores will always exist in life, whether it’s fair to me, or unfair, or it’s a misunderstanding, there will be plenty. But besides the umbrella, there’s the rainbow you can wait for after the rain. I belong to those who believe that if you stop at every corner throwing rocks at the barking dogs, you will never reach your destination…. I sleep well at night and I have people around me who are shields and umbrellas… Life isn’t them, but life is what we have now… Realism brought me back to the romantic mood I had before. I don’t think the people in this room think of me as a television person, I think I’m an actor doing a show… I feel a man who came from somewhere, who does what was asked of him with great joy and pride… I’m dealing with everything a little more theatrical… I have the same friends from high school… I am very normal,” Danai Barka said. “This may have been the first time I saw my name in titles I didn’t want to see, but even this is perhaps a lesson, both for me and for everyone else to live in the mountains. I’m okay. Every year if you look for something, it will be found… Sometimes it’s what names you want to be next to the titles,” confessed Danai Barka.