Cyprus: The testimony of the woman beaten by a monk in the “sinnel” Monastery of Habakkuk – “I gave to the Elder 103,000 euros”

The church scandal that has broken out over the last few days in its Wing, in the Monastery of Osios Habakkuk, causes shock and embarrassment. Today Thursday (14.03.2024) came to light another video document with a monk of that monastery coming out of self and , in the courtyard of Habakkuk Monastery, after what came to light for the preparation of myrrh. Cyprus Times publishes the testimony of the woman working as a caregiver at the Monastery of Osios Habakkuk and who according to her own confession is the one recorded on video beaten by the monk. This is the testimony at the TEE Nicosia, on 9 March, in which it describes what – according to its claim – took place at the Monastery on 5 March. “I am a caregiver of the aunt and mother of Old Nektarios… They were given together in a house located within the wider area of the Osios Habakkuk Monastery. Specifically, I lived and slept in the same room as the Elder’s aunt. The lady… the elder’s mother lives in another room alone. Without being of course for the exact date, a few weeks ago at the command of the old Nektarios me and Father Habakkukum moved his personal safe from the Elder’s cell to Mrs. F’s cell…” he says at the beginning of her testimony, meaning his mother. And he explains that as told to her by Elder Nektarios, he “had reasonable suspicions that Metropolitan Tamasou and Orinis would try to take it away from him because he is a pro-money man, I knew he was asking the Elder for every little money, while this money that was in the safe belongs exclusively to the Elder himself” he says at another point in her deposit at the TAF Nicosia. “… Despot Tamasu kept trying to put bad reasonings against the two fathers for their morality and reputation. He also asked me for information about the sale of my house (…) whether I gave it to Nektarios or the Monastery, whether I gave it by check or cash. I replied that it was a bank check and gave it to Old Nektario 103,000 euros to keep it for me…” At another point in her testimony, she refers to a conversation she had with Despot Isaiah on March 5, this afternoon. “He called me and told me there is a serious complaint against Old Nektario and go to Metropolis”. He then describes the arrival of cars at the Monastery, referring to hoods, noting that one eventually proved to be a police officer. Subsequently, according to all that he testified, he was also transferred to the Metropolitan Tamasu giving a description of what was taking place, up to counting the money. “Individual incident… we gave forgiveness” The woman spoke exclusively to LIVE NEWS. “Despot Tamasu persistently asked me personal questions, type how much money I get, and he told me that they treat me like a slave and treat me badly and that he saw videos of one of the fathers beating me in the courtyard of the Monastery and asked me why I didn’t report him. I replied that this is not the case, it was an unfortunate moment, and I was not injured in any way and it was an isolated incident and more generally a human error and we gave each other forgiveness from the very next day.” In her social media post, the woman justifies the monk’s act saying that it is a misunderstanding “for which I was to blame”, she says. In fact, she mentions a falsified video: In detail her posting: Dear friends and don’t be sorely distressed that you were forced today to be recipients of a specific video that “shows” in a harsh way that I got “purely beaten” by a Munich of the Holy Monastery of Osios Avvacum. Well, I assure you the video is falsified. Yes, we had an argument with Monk that resulted from a misunderstanding that was my fault. Nothing happened that left me trauma. I don’t have a complaint from Munich, our misunderstanding has been resolved, and the next day our relationships are the same as before. I mean, very good. It happens to the best families! I have also reported these to the police.” The deposit, as published by Information from, Live News. Video: sigmalive