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Crete: The time of the apology for the coke and the super-drug has arrived

The possession of large quantities of “hard” drugs, but of a new super-drug, which was detected for the first time in Greece, will attempt to justify the 39-year-old souvlaki-seller does from Heraklion, who was arrested after an organized police operation, men of the Department of Narcotics of the Security of Heraklion.
The 39-year-old, who has been before the police authorities for movement and again, drugs will be brought before a magistrate in Heraklion to apologize.
However the same from the first moment of conception, denies any involvement in the case, argues that no amount of drugs found and seized by the cops, I found him at home, or in business.

However, the other two of the gang, the 47-year-old and the 40-year-old is not convinced prosecutor and investigator in apologies and found both temporary prisoners.
It is recalled that the police after months of surveillance, managed to locate and arrest the three, who were and “pushing” in the corners of Heraklion, large quantities of drugs.
A base of illegal activity would appear to be a field in the area of Καλεσών, where was the give-and-take between them, but and which was the “stash”.
The makeshift drug
Impression has caused the officers of the homemade drug, which was found along with heroin and other drugs in a field in the area of Καλεσσών. According to police, the drug that has been on open drug scenes, not only in Crete, but throughout Greece, and not one of the so-called “traditional” drugs.

Yes, he looked like a heroin in the form of chocolate, but as it was found was like a fluid, dark, crystalline sugar. As shown by the first results from the analysis of this drug, it is a mixture of heroin, amphetamine and ecstasy, particularly powerful, which apparently will be “pushed” to “possible” customers.
With further analyses in this mixture is to determine the proportion of each drug and the combination between them, what impact it has on the human body.

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