Corfu: Relieving Ganas for the earthquake – “It causes no concern, no known fault there”

The research director of the Athanasios Ganas Institute for the 4.7 Richter appeared reassuring, which occurred early Friday morning (22.03.24) in . According to the automatic solution, the earthquake in Corfu focused 25 km south – southwest of the Ottos. The first evidence indicates that the focal depth of the earthquake was estimated at 10 km. Speaking to ERT, Mr. Ganas spoke of a weak earthquake wave while mentioning among others that there is no known fault there and that it does not inspire concern. “We have a weak seismic vibration in underwater space. It is approximately 18 km southeast of the Othon. It’s in northern Ionian. There’s no known fault there. The fault that exists and we know it is a little closer to Corfu. It’s a sequence that started two days ago. We have several small earthquakes and this morning there was the 4.7 Richter earthquake and then a 3.4 Richter earthquake followed,” he stressed. He continued: “This sequence does not cause concern. But yet, because it is an area with low seismicity, every activity there brings us interest in seeing how it will evolve.” On whether it was the main earthquake, Mr. Ganas said that “we don’t have enough evidence yet. Maybe he’ll follow. Now, because 4.7 is at the limit of patient-strong vibration, we’ll see. We need a little more data. It’s an area, we don’t know it well because it’s in the middle of the northern Ionian between Greece and Italy and we don’t have a lot of earthquakes, so we want a little more data to see how it goes.”