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(Title) The construction program of new prisons and the ministry plans to upgrade the School penitentiary announced by Justice Minister, Haris Kastanidis.
According to the Department of Justice despite the major economic problems facing our country continues normally build new prisons.

In particular, the prison was completed in Nigrita Serres and the first ten days of July will operate two wings, and up the end of time will serve the remaining four. As announced, the staffing of the jail staff will be done by existing manpower.
Also, within the next five months will be completed at the new prison to Chania and at the end of the year is expected to become operational. Work is also ongoing at Nikiforos Drama Neapolis Lasithi.
With regard to fire safety certificates, which are absent in most prisons in the country, the ministry announced the completion of the installation work of fire protection systems and relevant certificates issued for prisons Ioannina Larissa, Grevena, addicts Rehabilitation Center Prisoners Eleona Thebes and Central Depository Materials Prisons

In addition, in progress work on the installation of fire in the detention facilities Korydallos, Corinth, Thebes Eleona Women Kassaveteias, Bodrum and Tiryns.
by the Ministry of Justice announced that it has prepared the tender documentation on the installation of fire Prisoners Korydallos Hospital, the Special Branch Youth Detention Vlora, Nafplio Tripoli.
In relation to the upgrading School penitentiary, the ministry announced that its objectives are the establishment of practical training before entering the service and preparing TDPP (Technical Report of the proposed transaction) to call the study will involve the upgrading of the School. According to the ministry, the study will take place within the Operational Programme for Administrative Reform.

As explained can not continue the status of the two-month training / training often realized after several months (or sometimes and years) the recruitment of staff.
According to the ministry, the school prison officials have been:
* o The training of home guards
* o The training of foreign security guards
* o lifelong learning programs and distance learning programs

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