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(Title) complaint report against those responsible for the framework agreements OSE relating to contracts with Siemens will make tomorrow (Tuesday), the Panhellenic Federation of Railway.
contracts relating projects for the construction of the rail network Patra – Athens – Thessaloniki, Rampart and contracts for project delays, for consultant fees for the respective governments for concessions and encroachments upon property belonging to the Agency.
According to representatives of the Federation, there strong indications that they have committed great crimes against the OSE and the Greek government.

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Joe Trippi, Connected Politics
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This opening act of the “Political” episode plays so well without interruption that I decided not to break it up and just left it as one long clip. I’m sure after watching it – you’ll agree that it was time well spent. As opposed to when you watched the clip of the “Star Wars Kid” 50 times – in a row I might add-a few years back. Kinda regrettin ‘now I bet.

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