Combustion circuit: In prison the leader and three members, free former reality player

The way to prison took four defendants, including the alleged chief, after their apologies, for being dislocated by police authorities. The remaining eight defendants for the cable fuel circuit apologized today Monday (11/03/2024) were released. Another eight defendants will apologize Tuesday (12/03/2024). The 27-year-old former reality player, who worked at a gas station with rigged fuel, was also released. The 62-year-old, to whom the role of the chief of the criminal organisation is attributed and provisionally held prisoner, reportedly denied the charges and claimed that there was no document from the State’s General Chemistry certifying fuel tampering. The members of the circuit were reportedly carrying with pallets dangerous chemicals which they used to distort fuel while the tax evaded from the organization’s action is estimated to exceed 1,200,000 euros. The “quari” of the case unfolded an anonymous complaint that came to the authorities and to which there was talk of members of a criminal organisation systematically importing from Bulgaria and moving large amounts of ethyl alcohol by obtaining enormous financial benefits.