Cologne: “The 12-year-old learned the prosecutor’s proposal and is in worse condition than before,” her lawyer says

The conviction that the prosecutor’s proposal for Elijah Micho and his 12-year-old will not pass, expressed the 12-year-old Aspasia Tarahopoulou. Speaking to Live News, cologne’s 12-year-old lawyer said the prosecutor’s proposal to exempt basic Elias Mihu for the offences of rape and pimping against the 12-year-old from Sepolia is causing a lot of questions. She also said that the unlucky girl is in worse shape than before and that she feels she is being punished herself. “I have spoken to the 12 year old. He’s learned it and he’s in worse shape than before. She feels she’s being punished herself because from the first moment he’s argued that his mother is innocent. He cries, doesn’t leave the room and doesn’t want to go to school,” he said. He went on to say that “I don’t want to make a speech through television shows. Tomorrow is the prosecution and we believe that with the evidence, the prosecutor’s proposal will not be accepted and the main defendant will be tried for the rape crime. Rape is a life sentence and that’s what the defendant is trying to avoid. We believe what the child has said and he has described how rape took place. We want this child to be vindicated.”

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