Coconut: 54 cases in Greece and 2 deaths, recommendations for vaccination

An increase in cases has been recorded in recent months in several countries in Europe, including Greece. In particular, in Greece, according to EOPI data since the beginning of 2024, 54 cases of pertussis have been recorded including 32 children and adolescents, 11 of which concern infants under the year. Two deaths have been recorded, one in a newborn and one in an adult with underlying diseases. It is noted that almost all deaths in the countries of Europe have been recorded in infants under three months. The Deputy Minister of Health, Irini Pavlidaki, issued a circular detailing the vaccination recommendations for pertussis by the National Committee for Vaccinations. The pertussis is an acute respiratory microbial infection with high communicability and a secondary infection rate of 80% among inhalers. The transmission from person to person is done with droplets or direct contact with secretions from the respiratory system of sick people. People with mild symptomology who do not know they have the disease can transmit it. Percussion may cause serious illness in people of all ages, but infants are at the greatest risk of severe illness and death. In recent months several countries in Europe, including our country, have been reporting an increase in percussion cases. The protection of infants from severe illness and death is achieved through early vaccination, which begins in the 2nd month of life and ends according to the vaccination schedule. In particular, the DTaP vaccine is administered in 2nd, 4th, 6th, 15th–18th months of life and at 4–6 years, while the TdaP vaccine is administered at the age of 11–12 years, between 18–25 years and then as a booster dose of TdaP every decade. Pregnant women should be vaccinated in each pregnancy with a dose of Tdap or Tdap-IPV vaccine, preferably from 27 to 36 weeks of pregnancy, regardless of the interval between previous vaccination with Td/TdaP. Also, with the same vaccines, lehoides that were not vaccinated during pregnancy can be vaccinated. Family members not fully vaccinated for pertussis should be vaccinated at least two weeks before contact with infants and infants. Special importance is the vaccination of health professionals who should be vaccinated with a booster dose of TdaP every decade.

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