Clearchos Marousakis: Mild winter does not mean heavy summer – “hard condition” with heat and dust

‘ A new African mixture of heat – dust lies at the gates of our country with March at its end wanting to remind us of something from June by verifying the popular saying “and from March”” . “And how not to talk about summer when thermometers in the coming days reach or exceed 30° degrees Celsius. And if we add African dust to this parameter, then we understand the difficulty of the whole situation,” Clearchos Marousakis adds. “We cannot describe this as we have faced similar situations in the past, but it is not normal and it is, let alone when it is a continuation of a constant abnormal situation we have been living in weather for several months. What to do first – remember the pasturdays, the hundreds of tons of water with the morning of autumn, the average above the normal maximum temperatures for several consecutive months, the length of drought in many areas…” the meteorologist reports in his post. According to what he reports and the maps accompanying his posting, normalization of the weather is expected from Wednesday. “Easy winter does not mean heavy summer” “However, in order not to be fascinated by the extremes of the weather and create scenarios for hot summers and fiery hells, it is worth pointing out that the course of winter or autumn etc are not linked to the course of the seasons to follow. So mild winter doesn’t mean heavy summer or vice versa. At least scientifically there is no evidence leading to this.” “Remember the heavy March 1987 and the deadly heats that followed. So why would the nonexistent this winter be a clue to some people that a heavy summer is coming? And this in response to the claim of some who say since the winter we experienced this year we understand how heavy this summer will be.”