Christos Mandas: “In Lazio I live a dream”

He is her main goalkeeper, with the Greek footballer stating that she is living a dream in Rome. Christos Mandas has taken key gloves in Lazio, with the 22 year old goalkeeper making statements about his presence at the club and stating that he is living his dream. The talented goalkeeper after Proventel’s injury is number one in the club’s ace from Rome, with him vindicated expectations around his name. Indeed on Saturday night (30/03/24) Mandas was instrumental in Lazio’s victory over Juventus, with Italians already speaking with the best words about the 22-year-old player. Speaking to “Lazio Style Channel” Mandas said he is living his dream in Lazio and wants to continue working in order to evolve. “Thank you for compliments on the clean sheet. I’m glad we won and played, the most important are the three points.” He is very strong, I like him and he is suitable for this club. He puts passion in practice, now we just have to work. It’s something I’ve been dreaming about since I was a kid, I want to play and win, I’m having a dream. I always try to give my best in every fight. I have to be focused on the team, I go game-playing to evolve and help the team,” he said. This was the third appearance of Christos Mandas in the main shape of Lazio, with the young goalkeeper having another for the Italian Cup.