Christina Onassis – Thierry Rousel: From the first meeting, to the stormy wedding

Listening to the name, the mind automatically goes to luxury and grief. Christina Onassis, daughter of the Greek cross, theoretically had everything… wealth, glory, love. But she was actually a deeply unhappy woman who fought too hard to be happy at a man’s side. Christina Onassis had the luck to grow up in a family that got what she had. Onasis) became gold but she thirsted for love, and even the love of a man who would only have eyes for her, and she is not bought with all the gold in the world. He apparently lived an alien life until almost the mid – 70 ’ s, but then the landing was dramatic and abrupt. Within 29 months she lost her whole family. First in 1973 Alexander’s brother was killed in a plane crash, a heavy blow for herself and her father, a year later Tina Lebanese’s mother died and in 1975 her father, Aristotle. Although so rich, Christina Onassis was a “sad” heiress. Four marriages and four divorces Christina, Aristotle Onassis’s youngest daughter, had four failed marriages and may never know if she ever found true love. She always wondered if men really loved her or targeted her property. The rich heir was possessed by many insecurities. To be desirable to the opposite sex has always employed her much, so she often resorted to exhausting diets at risk of her health only to be liked by the male sex. She struggled with her weight and her volatile emotional world. The fluctuations in weight were frightening, while for years he fought depression. The sedatives and antidepressants entered her life and her dependence on them grew to the point of becoming a danger to her life. Christina Onassis – Photo Eurokinissi Christina Onassis dealt with the headlines of the world’s largest newspapers, not so much for her business activities, but for her adventurous personal life. She had four weddings and all of them ended in divorce. In 1971 she married her 27-year-old American real estate agent Joseph Bolker. Four years later, in 1975 she married to shipowner Alexander Andreades, son of Professor and banker Stratis Andreadis, with whom she divorced after 14 months. Three years later, the third marriage comes. He married Russian Sergei Kauzov, an executive at a state company in the Soviet Union. Their marriage lasted a year. When Thierry Roussel stole her heart In 1984 her heart entered by three years her youngest businessman Thierry Roussel, heir to the French pharmaceutical industry of the same name, with whom she had her only child, Athena Onassis, who came into the world on 29 January 1985. The couple will break up three years later when Christina discovers that Thierry was cheating on her and had even had a Swedish model child Gabi Ludhage. Christina Onassis and Thierry Rouselle met for the first time in Scorpio, when the French family’s offspring, Rouselle, were among their guests. She was 22 and he was 20. Young Christina was enchanted by the tall, blonde, with blue eyes charming Thierry Roussel and did not take long to fall in love with him. It is said that Roussel informed her that he was in love with a model from Sweden, Gabi Ludhage with whom he lived. In 1984, playboy and heiress officially start their relationship and the tabloids do “party”. It’s said that he asked her to lose weight. Christina rushed to make his “will” reality, which she would continue to do during their married life, although brief. And as long as Christina lived alongside him an apparent happiness, he had a parallel life. Eventually, they marry, but Thierry not only does not have and does not intend to break up his affair with Gabby, but he has two children with her, Sandrine and Eric-Christopher, while still married to Christina Onassis. His son from the extramarital relationship is born the same year as Athena, which confirms that the two women, husband and mistress were pregnant with the same period of time. The double life of the young businessman and the discovery of the truth by Christina Onasis three years later, it will lead to divorce and break up Onassis’ daughter. She cannot manage what is happening so she prepares balists and leaves in Buenos Aires with her daughter, Athena Onassis, since besides Greek citizenship she also had Argentina. The scandal after the revelation of Roussel’s double life and the two extramarital children he had had with his Swedish mistress, was great. International press reports are ongoing. In fact, it was then said that Christina, though deeply wounded by betrayal, wanted Roussel back. A few months before she left life, the paparazzi “received her” in a luxurious mansion on the Blue Coast enjoying her vacation with Roussel. The photos went around the world, but the reunion never came. On the contrary. Thierry Rousel began family life alongside Gabi and their children who had become three after having another daughter, Johanna. And in the frame of their family happiness, little Athena posed after the sudden death of her mother on November 18, 1988, from a heart attack, according to the autopsy. Later Athena Onassis will cut off all contact with her father because of her marriage to Alvarez de Miranda Neta, for whose sake Athena had… rebelled. All of this will change when Athena and Doda Miranda part (in 2016) and her relationship with her father will be restored.