Christina Lambiri: My daughter was set up in an accident, she was crashed in order to be robbed

‘ She was set up with a strange two cars, supposed to be an accident” reveals . To her daughter and the staged scene she was invited to manage in the past, driving late in the night, Christina Lambiris was mentioned when Tasos Jordanidis met on Saturday afternoon, on ERT’s “Babbads”. “My sensitivity was magnified when my daughter came to life, that’s where other things start to grow. There, first of all, you feel enormous responsibility. I mean until he came into the world, yes, I was sensitive, but I was a man who lived for me and my everyday life. At 24 I had my daughter” the journalist confessed. “From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I automatically began to feel enormous responsibilities. When you have a child, the way I experienced and experienced motherhood, I appreciate that you really have a goal in your life. I had her responsibility to grow up right, to become a good man, to go well in her studies, to evolve, to have her education. A constant concern about her company, her friends, her relationships. I’ve been through all these weird situations that parents are going through… to know on the phone, with her own deal always, where she’s at any time. But this happened after a specific incident.” “She was set up with an odd setting of two cars, supposedly an accident. So someone went to the light in green, hit the brake, my daughter fell from behind, and that time we were on the phone. So this was a staged thing where the car stopped in front, in which there were three men, one came down to tell her “what did you do to me?” and the other two apparently go down to push her for money, to steal her, something like that. A gentleman, who was following, came down and… took the law into his hands and so my daughter left” said Christina Lambiris on the ERT show.