Children’s “Saint Sophia”: The first family room of relatives of children hospitalized

This is the beginning of work of the first family hall for the relatives of children receiving treatment in . The ceremony was attended by the political leadership of the Ministry of Health. Specifically, the Minister of Health, Adonis Georgiades visited on Wednesday (06.03.2024), the Children’s “Saint Sophia” to attend the opening of work to create the first family hall Ronald McDonald in hospital. The present was given by the Deputy Minister of Health, Marios Themistocleous, the Joint Commander at the Children’s Hospitals “Agia Sophia” and “P. & A. Kyriakos” Emmanuel Papasavvas and the President of the Board of the charity Ronald McDonald House Charities Greece, Giannis Apostolopoulos. The first RMHC Family Hall in Greece will be housed in an unused 310 sq.m. property located within the area of the Children’s Hospital “Saint Sophia”. The renovation of the site will be carried out by RMHC and is expected to be completed within 2024. The Family Room will be available for daily use and will include kitchen and dining rooms, private bathrooms, sleeping rooms, laundry, living room with TV, internet access, and there will also be three family suites for overnight. The hall will be used by families of children who will be treated at the hospital, while the selection of families who will stay overnight will be determined in consultation with the hospital, based on criteria of vulnerability and needs. Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis said: “I want to thank donors, Ronald MacDonald and Charity Foundation for their kind donation to the National Health System and specifically to Children’s Hospitals “Saint Sophia” and “Aglaia Sunday” because the building is connected to both hospitals. We, at this time, despite rumors, are building the new National Health System with a great vision for the future. With State money, we perform the largest building upgrade program across Greece through Recovery Fund funds. 85 of 105 hospitals and 156 of 618 health centers are fully renovated. But we also accept the sponsorships of donors who want to strengthen this effort. And so we welcome today a sponsorship, which in less than 12 months will deliver to the Greek people for use, within these two hospitals, which as a whole constitute the largest Pediatric hospital in the Balkans, a place of dignity for families who bring their children to be able to stay and a short time in a beautiful space near their children when they undergo the necessary treatments.” The Deputy Minister of Health, Marios Themistocleous said: “It is particularly touching for me as Deputy Minister but mainly as a physician, neurosurgeon, curator I have served for years in the G.N. of Children “Agia Sophia” and is here my organic position, to be here today with the Minister of Health to inaugurate the opening of work to create the first family room for children’s relatives who will receive treatment at the hospital. With the significant donation of Ronald McDonald House Charities, which we particularly thank, the listed hospital building will be fully renovated, so that families of vulnerable groups of children who will be hospitalized will be accommodated. As a Ministry of Health and as a Government we are doing our utmost to support our country’s National Health System, hospitals and especially pediatric hospitals that are the largest in the Balkans and offer specialized services to the entire paediatric population of the country and not only. In this effort we will immediately proceed to renovations in sections of the hospital with resources from the Recovery Fund and at the same time strengthen hospital forces with new positions. In this context we announced new positions of doctors and nurses for both hospitals, Aglaia Kyriakos and Agia Sophia, last week. We strengthen our hospitals and provide our fellow citizens and our children with the best health services, as we should do.” The Joint Commander at the Children’s Hospitals “Agia Sophia” and “P. & A. Kyriakos”, Emmanuel Papasavvas said: “With the offer of Ronald MacDonald House Charity, a family rest area will operate, especially for families who come out of Athens and hospitalize their children. And the choice of families, which will be hosted in the hostel will be from the social services of both “Saint Sophia” and “Aglaia Kyriakou”. I would like to thank the Minister of Health, Mr. Adoni Georgiades for his timeless support for the NSY over the years, as well as the Deputy Minister of Health Mr. Mario Themistocleus, who knows the hospital very well, a physician in the profession, has worked in the hospital and I thank him for his support today.” The President of the Board of the charity Ronald McDonald House Charities Greece Giannis Apostolopoulos noted: “We are particularly proud that Ronald McDonald House Charities is starting in Greece, in order to provide a care environment for their children and families, as is the case in 60 countries around the world. In our first project here at the Children’s Hospital “Saint Sophia”, we have a valuable help to the Ministry of Health and Minister Adoni Georgiades, who recognises the importance of the operation of family rest rooms within pediatric hospitals and gives the opportunity to an international non-profit organization to offer high-level services in collaboration with the public sector. I would also like to thank the Governor of the hospital very much, Mr Emmanuel. Papasavva for excellent cooperation all this time. It is our common belief that family support contributes substantially to the process of treating and treating children, and we hope to positively influence the many families who have children who are hospitalized. We hope the work of Ronald McDonald House Charities Greece will find many more supporters within Greek society and create many more Family Rooms where there is a need”. source:

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