Chapalos for POS: Controls of ADE in businesses that have not made an appointment for the interface

Starting today, communication with businesses that have not yet made an appointment for their connection to their cash machines, according to the statements of the Finance Ministry spokesman, Homer Chapalou in the First Program. In particular, Mr. Chapalos stated: “Those businesses that have not been able to find an installation technique and have not even made an appointment in April, AADE starts communication with them from today, so that he can ask them whether this negligence of theirs is indeed negligence or is for reasons of force majeure, i.e. for reasons that these people were, objectively, unable to find a technician and connect. These people are obviously not going to be fined until they manage to find a technician and connect. But, these businesses are extremely few in relation to the whole.” He also pointed out that the work of connecting POS with cash shows the numbers that will be completed at the end of the month. They have already been interconnected, he said, about 145,000 businesses and about 110,000 and a little more are those companies that have set an appointment scheduled with a technician within April. “We have achieved a number of connections per day around 5,000-5,500, where by simple mathematics this means that if this trend continues, this rate, from the scheduled appointments it emerges, by the end of April all the responsible businesses will have succeeded and will be interconnected. I understand the problems that arise during the interconnection, and the President, with whom we have constant contact and cooperation, as with all representatives of the respective professional sectors affected by the interconnection. I understand the anguish of those companies who have not been able to find a technician to date, but which are not many of these companies on the basis of the figures I have described,” said Mr Tsapalos, noting that 90% of companies have already been linked or scheduled to date. Regarding the fines Mr. Chapalos mentioned in the First Program: “However, fines have already been dealt with since yesterday by companies, professionals, freelancers fall within 35 retail branches, including taxi drivers, stands and laymen, etc., who have not installed POS. For them there is no excuse anymore, because we had already given a double extension. So they must, from the day before yesterday, have installed and operating POS.” Source: ERT