Champions League: The draw of the new event

The renewed will have a new system that will be done digitally, a change added to next season’s renewed organization. Specifically a semi-automatic in the Champions League will replace the manual draw that has become a feature of the event, with Europe’s top intercollegiate organization completely changing form. It is worth noting that the Champions League of the 2023-24 season is expanded from 32 to 36 clubs with the current six groups of four being replaced by a single group in which the teams will play eight matches with different opponents. The top eight clubs will automatically qualify for the “16” while those finishing from ninth to 24th place will face a play-ff round to determine the other eight. Unlike the current open draw for the “16”, clubs will go to a ” tennis-type draw” depending on their performance in the group phase. This will mean that the first and second teams cannot meet until the final and cannot play with the teams that are third and fourth until the semi-finals the earliest. It is the first change in the Champions League since a knockout round “16” teams replaced the second phase of the groups in 2003-04. The 36 clubs will be divided and placed in four canisters of nine teams. The last round of the teams’ games will have “16” matches starting simultaneously. Another change will be the Champions League draw ceremony, a painful process traditionally involving balls collected from different containers from former players. Marketti said UEFA’s modeling found that performing the draw for the new format in the same way would last “three or four hours” and involve about 900 balls. The draw of the next season in the group phase will be a new hybrid system with few balls but mainly digitally.