Champions League: Huge premium from the president of Naples in case of qualification against Barcelona

The president of Aurelio De Laurentis will distribute 10m euros to the football players of the “partenopei” in case the Italians qualify for his “16” . Aurelio De Laurentis wants Napoli to spend Barcelona at any cost in their game for the Champions League, with the club’s president even willing to give 10m euros, in case of a “partenopey” qualification. As the “Gazzetta dello Sport” reports, the Italian businessman has so hot his team to get qualified as in such a possibility then Napoli will get a ticket to the 2025 World Cup of Clubs along with a 50 million-euro welcome gift. Something that doesn’t leave De Laurentis unmotivated that ordered 10 million euros of bonus to the players of the “partenopei” if they manage to leave Barcelona out of Champions League.