Celebrates the historic church of St. George in Nafplio

Celebrates today the Metropolitan Church of St. George, Nafplion. In the morning celebrated a Solemn Pontifical …
Divine liturgy by his grace Bishop of Epidaurus, mr. Kallinikos.
Yesterday afternoon was celebrated Vespers officiated by the Metropolitan of Argolis, Nektarios. O cathedral of St. George is one of the most important and oldest temples of the city, όπουέλαβαν country great events of Greek history.
It is considered that it was built on the principles of the 16th century, during the First Venetian occupation of the city, while after the conquest of Nafplio from the Turks in 1540, the temple was converted into a mosque.
In 1686, when the Venetians managed to regain the city from the Turks, in Agios Georgios was the reception τουνικητή commander-in-chief Francesco Morosini, and here was sung the doxology. In the Second period of Ottoman rule the church was converted again into a mosque and after the Liberation of the city, in 1822, St George came to the Orthodox.
The temple is built in the type of basilica with a dome and the murals will be created in the Second Venetian occupation, around the beginning of the 18th century, in the west-oriented style. In fact, the performance of the last Supper copies the famous composition by Italian painter Leonardo da Vinci. In 1823 the murals destruction of Demetrius of Byzantium, a writer of the famous “Babylon”.
The church of St. George took place the funerals of the great forms of the Greek Revolution, as the Old Patron Germanos or of Demetrius Ypsilanti, who was buried in the narthex of the church. Here celebrated with lot of pomp, and the funeral of the slain Governor of Greece, Ioannis Kapodistrias. The embalmed indeed a relic of the Captain reposed in him at the διακονικό of the church, for about six months, until 29 March 1832.
The church of St. George entered, just landed in Nafplion on 25 January 1833, the first king of Greece, Otto. Today, one can see the temple the throne of Otto of greece, where the young king watched the divine liturgy.
O narthex and bell tower were added in 1834, by the Regency, in commemoration of the arrival of king Otto in the city. At this time, the St. George became the cathedral of Nafplio.
South of the church there is a very important building, dating back to the time of the First Venetian occupation, as does the church. It is two-storey and surrounds in the shape of a Screw in the temple. Around 1712, here you have to λειτουργούσεβενετσιάνικο religious school, while during the 19th century the building had various uses, such as printers or housing orphans. We know that in 1824 it housed the Ministry of Education, and in 1830, the Hellenic School.
In the square of Agios Georgios there are houses where we can distinguish the simple forms of early classicism. Here, every summer take place concerts in the framework of the famous Nafplion Festival, which is organized successfully by the Municipality of the city.
The Priest p. Eleftherios Michos vicar of the Church said about the course of efforts for the renovation of the historic church of St. George:
“The wish of all of us,time such day to have been completed in the largest extent the repair and renovation work of the Church and maintenance of the paintings.
It is my duty to thank the Regional Argolida mr. Tasos Χειβιδόπουλο,for the prompt response to my request as president of the Ecclesiastical Council of the Metropolitan Church, for assistance in the implementation of the above tasks.
It has already been submitted by the archaeological service, the programme contract in the Periphery of Peloponnese in the Ministry of Culture for approval, for the assignment of a pension study to a group of experts,to address and remedy the problems in the Church.
Archpriest p. Eleftherios Michos”