CAUTION! Tax-free only with plastic money from here

The first is the interconnection of cash registers professionals and businesses with the General Secretariat of Public…
Εσόδωνπροκειμένου the auditors to have a direct image to the turnover. The second is the connection of the tax-exempt amount of income at the expense of the taxpayer, which will be made mandatory via credit card.
In particular provision will be repealed from 2016 the obligation of taxpayers to collect receipts for the expenses they incur in order to benefit from the tax-free amount of 9.550 euro which leads to a tax deduction 2.100 euro.
In the following, based on the new setting, the income tax will be “built” only through markets with the use of plastic money, which will make the taxpayer. And because these costs result from the movement of the bank account to which it is connected, each card will be free from the torment of the collection of evidence. And this measure is intended to arrest tax evasion. As it is known through the passing of these costs of taxpayers with the turnover declared by the businesses and professionals the tax authorities will have the ability to identify a large part of the taxable matter that today is hidden.
In parallel the ministry of Finance has started preparing for the changes in taxation that will be made in 2016 on the basis of the economic policy programme.
These would include interventions in the taxation of the car with changes that will be made and the manner of calculation of the registration tax. One of the scenarios that we consider in the ministry of Finance is to be a reduction of fees and the amount of the reduction to be incorporated into the taxation of fuel (petrol and diesel) in order to connect the end of traffic with fuel consumption.
Sources in the ministry of Finance specify that the changes will be neutral ‘ collection, but will address more effectively the phenomenon of the deposit license plate because of high charges.