Causes Cavusoglu: on the pretext of the Jihadists wants to invade Turkey in Syria…

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it won’t be enough to oust the organization of the Islamic State of Syria and needs an effective land-based power through the support of the moderate opposition in Syria, said today the minister of Foreign affairs of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu, showing its intention to invade Syria on the pretext of the ISIS.
The Turkish FOREIGN minister made these comments in an interview given to the television channel of Turkey’s Kanal 24. The Cavusoglu also said that Turkey has a duty to protect the soldiers around the controlled by the Islamic State iraqi city of Mosul and the reason of their presence there is just to train and advise their iraqi colleagues. The iraqi prime minister Haider al Ambady said yesterday that Baghdad may turn to the UN Security Council if the Turkish troops that have been sent to northern Iraq does not withdraw within 48 hours.
The Ambady said that the development of hundreds of members of the Turkish forces was done without the approval or knowledge of the iraqi government and described the development as a violation of national sovereignty. But Cavusoglu said in an interview on Kanal 24, that the Ambady has repeatedly called for more active Turkish support against the Islamic State. He said he believes that other countries have played a role in the reaction of Iraq. “It is our duty to provide safety to our soldiers who provide training there,” said Cavusoglu. The Turkish prime minister Ahmet Davutoglu said yesterday that the activity is a regular rotation of soldiers for the support of a camp, which the Turkish forces had set up previously at the request of the governor of Mosul, and in coordination with the iraqi ministry of Defense.
However, the iraqi minister of Defense Χάλεντ al-Ομπέιντι said he told Turkish counterpart that the most recent development of Turkish soldiers was done without informing or coordinating with Baghdad and that it should be withdrawn. The Turkish FM said that Turkey has marked differences with Iran on its policy in Syria and Iraq and that the sectarian policies of Tehran is a risk for the region, but there is no crisis between the two countries. The Cavusoglu also added that Turkey has always supported Iran and wants to maintain good relations with him, but called on Tehran to avoid “allegations and slander”, without specifying what it refers to.