CASTLE: “Sarkozy is going TO the madness”

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    (Title) fire on French President Nicolas Sarkozy for the expulsion of Roma and nuclear power unleashed by the French historian Cuban leader, Fidel Castro and his article published today.

    “France is the third nuclear power in the world. Sarkozy has a suitcase with codes to launch one of the more than 300 nuclear bombs available to the country,” says Castro, adding: “We assume that Sarkozy crazy as it seems that something would happen. What would you do in such a case the UN Security Council with Sarkozy and the suitcase; “.

    fact criticize the French president and the attitude towards Iran, noting: “It has nothing to do with ethics and morals to seek attack against Iran, which accuses its intention to acquire a nuclear weapon, similar in type to his own? Where is wisdom and logic in this policy; “.

    Regarding the expulsion of Roma, the 84chronos Fidel Castro stated that the deportees are victims of a kind of” racist holocaust “.

    On his part, French Foreign Ministry described the classifications unacceptable Castro, noting that “this characterization of the Holocaust by Mr. Castle shows ignorance of history and their contempt for the victims. Such statements are unacceptable. The representative of the French foreign ministry said: “The fact that Mr. Castro finally cares about human rights, well, yes it really is revolutionary”.

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