Cash-to-POS interface: From 1 April the fines for offenders begin

“ It makes sense that there are many questions about the implementation of this very great reform that is their connection to them, ” ERTNEWS spokeswoman Homer Chapalos told ERTNEWS. He went on to explain that “what will change in our everyday life as soon as this major reform is implemented is e.g. when I go to a grocery store to get some products and I want to pay by card, the seller should first pass the amount into the cash register and the cashier will then unlock the POS to make the electronic transaction. Until now, this was not the case, and thus making a transaction through POS, but the corresponding document in the cash register was never published. The issue of upgrading services and cash machines has reached a rate of over 90% , i.e. nine out of ten terminals are already upgraded. We estimate the next few days and the next few weeks there will be absolutely no problem with this piece.” ‘As regards the issue of the supply of POS by the 35 retail branches which were recently obliged to have the deadline for supply and installation expires 31 March. Once they have no POS on 1 April the fines for them begin, for the non-supply of terminals. They should have installed them by March 31, not just applied. This is necessary. The problems of upgrading have been overcome to a very large extent, he claimed, and that is why we have managed and the connections have exceeded 80 thousand, which means that the thing is starting to roll. And we have to say something as clearly as possible: Once the upgrades have been completed, which there is no technical issue to make the connection, there is no room for excuses that I did not make an appointment or make the connection on time. The timetables will be kept. No further extension will be given. End of story. From 1 April fines will begin to be activated for those who did nothing in March, but did not even make the appointment for installation and interconnection in April. So the message today is that since April 1st – and this is not a primal joke – fines will begin on POS connections to those who have not made an appointment in April to make the connection. Fines are 10,000 euros for keeping a simple and 20,000 euros for keeping a double. If there is a fault for providers, that is, those who had to make the upgrade in time and some of them may not have made it until April or in March, the fines will fall to them and to them they are two hundred thousand euros, three hundred thousand euros, they are not few. All the deadlines have already been announced, we have released press releases, we have sent personalized messages. Everyone knows what to do. There is no excuse anymore. If any of your technicians doesn’t help you make the connection in time, you’ll have the problem. You as responsible professionals will have the problem at the end and you will have to prove that you did everything in order to make the interface. So if one technician doesn’t make you, go to someone else. “ This is what the Finance Ministry spokesperson said about the issue of the POS interconnection with cash machines.