Businesses in the Athens Central Vegetable on Sundays 17 and 24 March

Athens vegetable market businesses will remain open on Sundays 17 and 24 March, according to the announcement of the Athens Central Vegetables Association (SECLA). In particular, in view of the celebration of the Clean Monday and the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary, the Athens Central Vegetables Association (SEKLA) informs retailers, sellers of popular markets, fruit and vegetable shop owners, food stores and all the rest of the market that the 400 business members of SEKLA will stay open on Sunday, March 17th and Sunday, March 24th, to serve the needs of consumers throughout the country. Specifically, by decision of the Board of Directors of SEKLA the stores will operate as follows: Sunday Halloween 17 March 2024 : Open Clean Monday 18 March 2024 : Closed Sunday 24 March 2024: Open Monday 25 March 2024: Closed “In the Athens Central Vegetable you can find a multitude of quality goods produced by Greek farmers, at very competitive prices” concludes the announcement.