“Breaks” and returns to the parallel program

With the method of… fragmentation attempts the the Maximos Mansion, to restore the so-called parallel programme, which was withdrawn last week after the roadblock in the EuroWorking Group, which threatened non-disbursement of the υποδόσης of a billion. euro.
As they wrote down characteristics of associates of the prime minister, blaming the opposition parties, the controversial bill was withdrawn to return to the beginning of January.
The latest information from the Maximos Mansion indicate that the government plans to separate those provisions which have a financial cost, with the goal of as many free of charge for the budget to pass directly by the House and the other to be deposited in a stand-alone bill.
Cycles of the prime minister, stressing that the total cost of the contested bill does not exceed 110 million. euro, to which charges relate mainly to social programs that are involved in that.
At the same time, the government, as report the News, continues to blames the so-called “troika ” internal” for the pressure that is accepted by the lenders and which forced it to ανακρούσει πρύμναν for the bill of the parallel program.