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(Title) The U.S. Coast Guard gave a 48 hours deadline to the British company BP to organize so as to ensure better control of the oil in the Gulf of Mexico, noting that until now has doing enough to stop the leak.
“I am concerned that the current plans will not allow maximum mobilization of resources to the capacity of pumping oil to meet the new estimates on the brain,” said the admiral U.S. Coast Guard James Watson’s letter of June 11th to the business leaders of BP Doug Satls.
According to Admiral Watson, “The new estimates urgently seeking to increase the capacity of pumping oil”.
“The BP should determine in the next 48 hours for new ways to control the leakage that can be implemented, “adds the letter from the U.S. Coast Guard Admiral.

U.S. President Barack Obama told the British Prime Minister David Cameron that “does not want to undermine the value of BP” after the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, said the office of Mr Cameron.
The two leaders had a telephone conversation lasting 30 minutes reaffirm their confidence in the strong ties between the two countries.
“President Obama told the Prime Minister that the unequivocal view was that BP is a global multinational company and that the dissatisfaction with the leakage of oil has nothing to do with national identity,” said a announcement of the office of British Prime Minister.
“The Prime Minister emphasized the economic importance of BP in Britain, the USA and other countries. The president made clear that it wants to undermine the value of BP” adds the statement.
The two leaders also discussed the political pressure on both sides after the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

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