BOAK: “The pace opens” for projects on the major highway of Crete

Time is the start of key tasks in the section Hersonissos – Neapolis of 22.5 km long, promoted through PPP by the shape , Intrakat, AKTOR concessions. Almost a year after the contract was signed, the next step is being taken to launch projects in this central “part” of BOAK from TERNA (GEK TERNA Group), AKTOR and Intrakat. The Ministry of Environment and Energy gave its approval for the installation and operation of temporary construction sites to be hosted alongside and near the construction of a 22.5 km long road project and are considered to be in order to install the necessary mechanical equipment and other supporting work machinery to perform the project. The new BOAK is an investment that aims to help reduce accidents, significantly improve the quality of travel, reducing travel time between the main cities of the northern front of Crete, offering a better level of transport service. Upon completion of BOAK, the route Chania – Heraklion will travel in just 70 minutes, while the route Chania – Agios Nikolaos in about 100 minutes. At the same time, road safety will be upgraded, with a marked reduction in fatal accidents and serious injuries. The signing of the PPP contract took place in April 2023 in Crete, in the presence of the Prime Minister, but it took 11 months to complete the prerequisites, start studies and work to take the road to construction. The PPP contract will last 30 years, while the completion horizon is estimated for 2027. Two lanes of traffic per direction were foreseen with LEA, 12 single-sector bridges 1.7 km, 5 single-sector tunnels with a total length of 6,75 km, 1 cut & cover dual-sector, 5 new Non-Level Nodes. With regard to another contract, the Neapolis – Agios Nikolaos department with the AKTOR contractor, the 14.5 km project is built as a public project with a budget of 169 million, with an option of an additional amount of 17 million, with funding from the Recovery and Durability Fund of 137 million euros. Recently, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport reported that the remaining studies were being prepared, definitive road studies were adopted, traffic arrangements were completed, expropriation decisions were issued. As regards the award of the concession agreement Chania – Heraklion 157.5 km long is still pending approval of its practical tender for the promotion of the temporary contractor (best offer from GEK TERNA).