BOAK: Temporary contractor named GEK TERNA

Temporary contractor for the “Study, Construction, Financing, Operation, Maintenance and Exploitation of the Northern Road Axis of Crete ( ) in Chania – Heraklion” was appointed GEK TERNA, according to a decision of the political leadership of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. Upon completion of Phase II of the international competition for the submission of binding tenders for the project B.O.A.K., second in the Ranking Contestant, after the expiry of the exclusive deadline of ten days, during which no preliminary appeal was brought, the AKTOR ASSOCIATION OF A.E. – MYTILINEOS SA. The temporary contractor is then invited to replace the guarantee letter of participation by competing with the guarantee letter of a temporary contractor, as well as to proceed with the open tender notice for the selection of an independent engineer. The procedure for finalising the contractual documents, the appointment of a final contractor, the pre-contractual review of legality and the approval of the concession agreement by the Court of Auditors will follow and then, (including) the signing of the contract and its ratification by the Parliament. Upon the start of the concession, the period of study of the project will begin and then, when the studies are finalized and after the necessary expropriations have been completed, in order to make the project execution site available, construction work will begin. The concession period is 35 years, of which up to five years (60 months) is the period of study-construction. The Chania – Heraklion department of BOAK is 157.5 km long (with two LEAs, numerous uneven nodes and tunnels) and there is provision for funding with 200m euros from the Recovery and Durability Fund (TAA). Upon completion of the BOAK, time for the Chania – Heraklion route and the Chania – Agios Nikolaos route will be significantly reduced, while road safety will be upgraded, with a significant reduction in fatal accidents and serious injuries.