BN: Normally, prayer, compulsory Religion?

    During the current session of the Standing Holy Synod focused on the theme of… the removal of prayer in schools, but the change of the course of Religion, where it adheres to the set position.
    In addition, the BN was from the Log. Messinia for the meeting of Orthodox and roman Catholics.
    In detail:
    Meeting today, Tuesday 6 September 2016, in the second Session for the month of September, the Standing Holy Date of the Church of Greece of the 160ης Synodal Period, under the Presidency of his Beatitude Archbishop of Athens and all Greece mr. Christodoulos.
    During today’s Session:
    The Standing Holy Synod ratified the Minutes of the preceding Session.
    Then he decided sending a Circular Note to the Holy Metropolises, through which they will be informed about the resulting subject of the morning prayer in schools. THE D.I. P. for the information of parents and teachers reiterates that the morning prayer is in accordance with article 13 par. 5 (a) of Presidential Decree 201/1998 (government GAZETTE Α’ 161/1998).
    With regard to the teaching of the course of Religion D.I. P. adheres to the expressed position of the Holy Synod of the Hierarchy of the Church of Greece on 9 March 2016, and reiterates the proposal of the Beatitude Archbishop of Athens and all Greece mr. Hieronymus for “thought to the binding of the course of Religion, the observance of the hours of instruction in the current program and its Orthodox character”.
    Then was informed by the προσκληθέντα in the Session Bse. Metropolitan of Messenia mr. Chrysostomos on the επικειμένης meeting of the joint Committee for dialogue of Orthodox and roman Catholics, which will be held in Chieti, Italy, from 15 to 22 September huh.huh. His Eminence submitted a Memorandum and received instructions to support the positions of the Church of Greece at the above meeting.
    THE D.I. P. approved the proposal of the Special Synodal Committee for Cultural Identity on the conduct of Panhellenic Student Competition for the school year 2016 – 2017 with the theme “my homeland in the year 2021”.
    Finally, the Standing Holy Escort, dealt with current service issues.Source