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Black Aphrodite (1977) – IMDb

Movie: Black Aphrodite (1977) – IMDb

“New-York, American Intelligence Agency offices. AIA’s Boss is informed that an important arms lot is about to be delivered to an African revolutionary group, via Athens, and decides to send in a team of his best agents to neutralize the gangsters; he chooses the name of the operation, “Black Aphrodite”, as Tamara is going to be the leader of this dangerous mission, and she is a sexy black woman. The other four team members are tough mercenaries with lots of experience, led by Steve. Steve has a lover, though, Edwige, a sensationalist reporter always avid of a good scoop. Soon, Tamara and Steve are having hot sex, though. Edwige does not mind it at first, because she is bisexual, and is having hot sex with Julie, a beautiful brunette who unfortunately seems to have too many ties with strange people. Julie is interested in Edwige for sex, or because Edwige is a bridge for her to approach Steve, so that she listens more about his trip to Greece? First, one of the men is killed in a New York’s bar WC. Next, another is killed during the voyage itself. Tamara’s team is reduced to three members when they arrive in Greece to actually start working. Not in secret anymore, as it is obvious the AIA has been infiltrated and there is a traitor somewhere. Tamara gets information about the arms being brought in a ship that is crossing the canal of Corinth. Trusting her new lover Steve, Tamara is certain that she can unmask the traitor and fulfill her mission. Not before more treason, torture, and fighting. Written by Artemis-9″

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