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Berlusconi Hangs On as Tremonti Keeps Italian Budget Deficit Under Control

Berlusconi Hangs On as Tremonti Keeps Italian Budget Deficit Under Control
By his own reckoning, since becoming Italy’s prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi has endured 105 judicial probes and trials and 2,500 court hearings, and spent more than 300 million euros (9 million) in legal fees defending himself against allegations of tax fraud, bribery, corruption, and more. That’s 48,000 euros a day since he was first elected in 1994, when he parlayed his celebrity as a …
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the greek december
Greek demonstrations
Image by Yiannis Efstathopoulos

Bilingual Greek-Turkish program Biz Emeis continues coverage relating to the Turkish Cypriot protests and demonstrations in the Turkish occupied parts of the island. “As is well known, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan made insulting statements about the Turkish Cypriots in reaction to certain placards which were displayed during the massive demonstration on 28.01.2011 giving rise to tensions in relations with Turkey in Turkish occupied Cyprus”. This program, broadcast by Cyprus Broadcasting Corporaton on 11.02.2011 features interviews with two of the persons who had displayed some of the placards which had caused Tayyip Erdogan to take such offence – Hasan Yikici, Political activist from the “Baraka” Cultural Centre ( and, Evrim Kamali from the “Jasmin Movement”. See also, video and links at: Turkish Cypriots General Strike documentary – protesting Turkey’s policies 28.01.2011 Turkish Troops out of Cyprus at Livestream:

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