Beos for Cup Final: “I’ll put the cameras and the tour in Panthessalian”

He is determined to do everything he can to become the football player between Panathinaikos and Mars in Panthessalic. Speaking to ERT3, the Mayor of Volos, Achilles Beos, pledged to pay the cost of installing a camera – about 300,000 euros – and the Turkish one on the field, so that everything would be ready for the final of the Greek Cup on 18 May. In detail Achilles Beu’s statements : “The Cup final must finally be a celebration. We had the field built according to UEFA checks. The new law requires new high-level cameras in places beyond where they exist. That is why it does not meet the requirements and needs to acquire a new system. For this reason, the Municipal Authority will pass it to the next board of directors and put the cameras and even a missing tourist. In terms of security measures and conditions laid down in the legislation, therefore, it will be followed in writing and will fulfil the conditions. It is an Olympic standard stadium and must meet the requirements. We have fifty days and we’ll have it ready. But that’s not the point. Does the Olympic Stadium have cameras? It doesn’t. The cost is over 1,000,000 euros. At the Panthessalian Stadium the cost is 300,000 euros. It will be because we have to do it. The Police Administration gave permission for the presence of 12-13 thousand fans. My point is, there may be 15,000 but the police will decide. However, Panthessalian will be ready for May 18 on the basis of the specifications of the new sports law.”