Bell: The “holes” of ratings, the observation to the Father, the truth about DEAL and Farm, while the way to presentation is OPEN

DIN First month today and even one, April, which in previous years had closed many of the television stations’ plans for the following season. But this year, there are many fronts open… even for the next few months. DAN DIN However, the previous month, March, closed with “first” for MEGA in the general total with 13.5%, followed by ALPHA with 12.4% and on the third step of the podium… ANT1 and SKai were cornered with 11.3%. Corresponding to Nielsen’s data, the top of the potential audience found STAR with 11.5%, while in second place finished ALPHA and MEGA scoring 11.1%, with third ANT1 winning 10.4% of viewers aged 18-54. DAN DIN At this point, I would like to mention that in recent months there has been a strong moaning of television stations for Nielsen, and it is said that the ratings company has called for an increase in the invoice of its services. At the same time, it is increasingly said that ERT is seriously studying its departure from ratings, arguing that the way they are done does not measure digital media (tamplet, mobile etc.) from which it monitors a large portion of the television audience. Of course, it is worth leaving here… that despite the “grumble” channels use ratings when they capture some of their “first” while public television communicates viewing elements (e.g. ERTFLIX) that fit… big discussion. To see it all in a global way… and not only “in our interest”! DAN DIN Still on public television, however, I should like to mention the newscast that they are preparing exclusively for Social Media and will be broadcast daily by both Instagram and TikTok. Undoubtedly this is an innovative strategic move by ERT, and we hope that the result will be such as to justify the planning of the leaders and the spectators. Otherwise, once again on the Santa Paraskevi radio, they’ll have great ideas with the content… to deny them! DAN DIN They deny by ANT1 that there was “observation” in Litsa Father who was found last Saturday invited to “Hamgela again”. The original would have been to confirm them by even mentioning the phone that was made to an ANT1 executive and even though Sissis Christidou’s show at MEGA had not yet been completed with the astrologer invited. And so that no one’s mind can go to the easy… and cunning: the phone call was not made by Betty Maggira, who at the same time broadcasts on ANT1, but by another person at the Amarusius station who, uh, seems to have some… retrograde relationship with some of the people involved to be so annoyed that it spoils his Saturday rest. Strange games…! DAN DIN Given as I have often said, the return of DEAL next season to the ALPHA frequency. However, because a lot is said, heard and written to clarify that the presenter of the game has not yet been locked up, which will be done after selected trials with certain men, but also women who will claim to be found in his “timony”. DAN DIN Corresponding to the “timoni” … or more correctly, at the entrance of the Farm to welcome viewers the new season will again be Leonidas Koutsopoulos. For everything that has seen the light of the news about his replacement and contacts of STAR executives with other presenters or even presenters, I will say only this: don’t eat… Master Chef is closed… and you will be left with the appetite! DAN DIN However, those who are keen to test their talent in the presentation will be able to register for the new reality show, TV Queen, which plans to premiere soon at OREN. Don’t rush for a title to make weird connections for his presenter because you might be surprised. However, the main thing is to find “new blood” for television rather than… bleed the participants, but they must prove that they can… sweat the chinier garment and not become… robes in the presentation. All these years I have been reading in social media from anonymous accounts that “put me in the presentation and you will see”! So… here’s the OREN, and here’s the jump to the dream for those who want it. The way to the presentation is… open! I will close classics in quizzes, which, due to the day, could be “primary”, but it is absolutely true… and let it be incredible: in the contact that the television person made with a station executive was discussed and the financial arm of their possible collaboration. The amount he asked for had several digits… and on a monthly basis… even asking for a big advance, but also a long commitment! Dan. DIN They’re still laughing at the channel with his pride on the date, stressing that ” imagine what would happen if he had similar… and ratings”! Hey! DAN DIN DAN DIN DAN