“Bell” for inflation, by the Troika

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    (Title) intense concern for the recent surge in inflation to 5.4% in May raised the Troika team, while the supervisors IMF, ECB and European Commission voiced concern for the state development
    The team of supervisors in meetings with Finance Minister Giorgos Papaconstantinou, the head of the Council of Economic Advisors and George Xania officials, stated that the explosion of inflation and is linked with raising taxes as the competition in the market and other structural problems of the Greek economy.
    In relation to the development of identified inconsistencies decline 2.5% in first quarter of the time recorded 4.4% increase in orders in the industry and increased turnover of accommodation and restaurants.
    Regarding revenue found that receipts tax in the quarter February March April show an increase of 6% which is attributed to the extent of the evidence.
    Then the team will visit Bank of Greece and the Social Security and will have further meetings at the Treasury, this afternoon, which will examine the way performance measures have been taken so far.

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